15 Mart 2015

Workshop on Employment and Equity, 17 - 21 Haziran 2015

Ankara Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi Çalışma Ekonomisi ve Endüstri İlişkileri Bölümü Öğretim Üyeleri tarafından, Cornell Üniversitesi, Queen Mary Üniversitesi ve Lille Üniversitesi’nden akademisyenlerin katılımlarıyla  gerçekleştirilecek “Workshop on Employment and Equity” başlıklı etkinlik, 17 – 21 Haziran 2015 tarihinde AÜ SBF’de yapılacaktır.

Workshop on Employment and Equity
Faculty of Political Science
Ankara University

17-21 June 2015

One of the major driving forces behind globalization is the internationalization of industrial relations which contributes to the formation of a new socio-political architecture, in which power and resistance are constantly redefined at a global level. The swift transformation of the circumstances employment and labor process asks for a new scholarship that requires collaboration among intellectuals familiar with the industrial dynamics of different geographies.  In this regard, the Workshop on Employment and Equity will provide an opportunity for prominent scholars of industrial relations and social policy from Ankara University, Cornell University (US), Queen Mary University (UK), and Lille University (France) to share their research findings and plans in an interdisciplinary context.

The Workshop’s overarching goal is to set the basis for long-term cooperation among scholars of social policy and industrial relations. To this purpose, graduate students’ participation both from the host and guest institutions will contribute to the efforts of their senior colleagues and reveal new potentials in comparative research.

The Workshop will be composed of a series of enlarged roundtables that will serve as a medium for scholars to share their latest research with a select audience and to exchange the ideas with the invited representatives of the labor unions, employer associations, and the related government agencies, as well as eventually ILO.  

The meetings will be open forums to facilitate detailed discussions about participants’ work as well as potentials for future scholarly collaboration among the participants.

The themes of the roundtables are as follows:

-       Assessment of the Situation: Industrial Relations and Social Policy in the Making of a Global Economy
-       Challenges for Social Protection: Changing Axes of the Welfare Policies in the Making of a Global Polity
-       Dynamics of Social Inclusion: A Discussion on the Role of Actors (Governments, social partners and civil societies)  in the Making of a Global Society
-       Economic and Social Inequality: Growth and Social Welfare
-       Labor Law and Social Policy: Collaboration and Efficiency of Social Partners 

Faculty of Political Science at Ankara University is an ideal place to host the Workshop. As the oldest school of social sciences in Turkey, Faculty of Political Science has been serving for the scientific community since 1859. The Faculty granted teaching and research positions to many prominent social scientists throughout the twentieth century. Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations is the oldest department in its field in Turkey. The Department’s academic focus is social policy and its faculty members played a major role in the formation of major government agencies such as Social Security Agency and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The Department is in close collaboration with the unions and employer associations. The affiliated Social Policy Center at Faculty of Political Science regularly hosts conferences and grants scholarships for young scholars.

Organizing Committee:
-       Prof. Dr. Berrin Ataman (Chair)
-       Assist. Prof. Şenay Gökbayrak
-       Dr. Utku Balaban
-       Dr. Osman Tezgel
-       Res. Assist. Başak Bak